Susan J. Eastman
Design Artist

Susan J. Eastman has a fascination with beads.  In her international work in developing programs for preventing childhood blindness, Susan traveled for over fifteen years throughout Asia and Africa.  From Kathmandu to Timbuktu, from Kabul to Nairobi, the unique designs of the beads represented a people and their culture.  Over the years, she gathered an exquisite collection of necklaces that continue to inspire her.  More recently, she spent twelve years in Santa Fe and was impressed by the energy of the local culture as demonstrated in the Native American jewelry.

Newly located to Chapel Hill, Susan now focuses her creative energy on researching beads that speak to her from her African, Asian and Native American muses.  She has found vendors whom she trusts.  Her necklaces are one of a kind.  Her collection has been called elegant, colorful and subtle, with uniqueness to each piece.

May you wear her pieces in gratitude to the diversity of cultures that these beads represent.

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